How can I get this crazy idea out of my sister’s head – Romford escorts

Our mum was a single mum when we grew up and she used to supplement her income by making porn movies. I don’t know what happened, but for some reason she ended up keeping all of the porn movies and now she is rather proud of them. She has shown them to my sister who is only 17 years old, and also told her how much money she used to make. That was back in the hay day of porn, and now most Romford escorts make more money than porn stars.

I really don’t want my sister to become a porn star as she is so smart. Unlike me, she is not the typical blonde, and she could easily go on to university or something like that. Working for Romford escorts of suits me as I don’t have my sister’s smarts at all. If my sister found that I work for an escort service in Romford it would be a complete disaster, and I would not have any way to talk her out of becoming a porn star. Leading by example takes on an entire new meaning when you work for a Romford escort service from

A couple of the Romford escorts I work with have tried their hand at the porn movie industry in Romford and abroad. The majority of porn movies that you see today are made by private persons, and that has really cut down the need for professional porn producers. As a result, you are not very likely to make a decent income as a porn star, and there are even some other fields of the adult entertainment industry that are becoming challenging to work in.

I know that mum can’t afford to pay for my sister’s college education, but I could actually afford to do so. The other day I came up with an idea how I could do it without it affecting my income at Romford escorts. I have got this two-bedroom apartment with an unsuited bathroom, and if I rented out the main bedroom to one of the girls at the escort agency, I would have enough money be the end of the year to pay for her college education for at least a year.  Also, I would have to look at what grants that she could get.

My sister is way too sweet and innocent to go off and try to become a porn star in Los Angeles. Although I have been working for Romford escorts for five years now, I would not dream of trying it. It would just be too scary and I don’t think that I would feel safe at all. No, I am better off at the escort agency in Romford, and my sister should go to college. It will work out, but I think I need to have a few words with my mum. She should not be showing her old porn movies to my sister and brag about how much money she earned at the time.