There is more to Richmond than a park

There is more to Richmond than a park

If I had an opportunity I would just love to live in Richmond, and setting up a Richmond escorts agency would be a fantastic business opportunity. The problem is that my husband needs to be in central London because of his job. He has promised me that when he retires, we will consider moving to Richmond. No good to me, as I would like to be a Richmond escorts agency madam NOW!

There are a number of reasons I would like to set up an Richmond escorts agency like I really like the area. It has the feeling of country side about it, and is still close enough to London. You can just hop on the train and you are in central London for shopping really quickly.

Property prices are not that much cheaper than in central London but you still get better value for money. The properties tend to be a bit more spacious, and that is really important to me.

richmond's greatest girls

richmond’s greatest girls

Reasons to start a Richmond escorts agency

If I was single now, I would certainly set up a Richmonds escorts agency. Richmond is a brilliant location for an escorts agency, and many of the Richmond escorts that currently work there do very well.


The airport of Heathrow is not very far away, and you can easily get to Heathrow from Richmond. That means that your agency could service the local area as well as Heathrow.

Heathrow is a very lucrative area, and you will find that many Hounslow girls work their at the moment. The place is just jammed packed with international business visitors who are willing to pay top dollar for exclusive escorts services. A Richmond escorts agency would do really well with the amount of business it could get from Heathrow, Of course, Heathrow is full of horny pilots as well and I know a couple of Richmond escorts who specialize in pilots.

Local Area

The local area is very wealthy, and you get a lot of Arabs living here. A lot of Arab men just love dating escorts, and it seems that their wives don’t mind too much. Perhaps it gives them an opportunity to stay home and look after the kids whilst their husbands go about their business. All in all, you will find that the vast majority of local residents are well of and have quite a lot of surplus to requirement income that I would just love to help them spend on my Richmond escorts.


London itself is not difficult to get to, and you could easily service outcalls from Richmond. I would recruit some escorts that already have string regular dates on an outcall basis in central London, and invite them to join my agency. That would kick everything of nicely, and I would find myself with a regular dating base quickly.

Oh yes, I have it all planned out. If only my husband would agree to move us all to Richmond I would be more than happy. If it doesn’t happen soon I am afraid someone else will spot the same opportunities that I have seen.

Porn Stars To Watch For In 2015

Porn Stars To Watch For In 2015

Everyone’s got a favorite. Are you a “butt” guy, or do you gravitate more toward the breasts? It all really depends on your perspective, right? The facts are, no matter what you like to watch or which part of the anatomy you enjoy the most, there are some porn stars that you just prefer watching over any others. It’s simple really – they’re super sexy and really good at what they do. No different than a movie star or a famous novelist, these beautiful vixens know how to shake their stuff to get a “rise” from the crowd.

Why are these women “superstars”? Is it because they’re the embodiment of the perfect proportions, or because they’re always seen having sex, making them unbelievably easy in our eyes? Or is it because they’re gorgeous, sensual, and fit into every demographic in order to please almost any dirty desire?

Without any further adieu, I present to you: Four Porn Stars to Check Out in 2015.

Lisa Ann: This hot mother everybody wants to, you know, has everything to draw in the crowd. Big boobs, a fat booty, and lots of loving to give the world. She is considered the undisputed porn queen in many circles and is a fan favorite in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina, Egypt and Romania. Now that’s getting around. She has seen her share of ups and downs, though- as you’ll see later on.

Madison Ivy: This young, petite German beauty made her porn debut in 2008, and she’s grown from a bashful teen with kinky desires to a busty woman with a ramped-up sex drive. Her passion, style, grace and amazing performances have made her a fan favorite. Despite her German roots, she’s an American sweetheart who loves to perform, and she drives her viewers wild with her crazy stoner style.

Asa Akira: Asa Akira is considered the backdoor queen of the pornography world. She ranks third in the Women to Watch of 2015 because she fills a huge spot in a genre that people are just crazy about. Her smooth, tan body, killer figure, and beautiful style, along with her class and grace, give her a persona that makes the men go crazy. She’s constantly making men happy on set, and I’m sure she’s going to make you happy as well in 2015.

Mia Khalifa: This sizzling newcomer is rising in the ranks, having recently beaten Lisa Ann with her Lebanese sex appeal and amazing rack. She took her game to the set after working behind the counter of a local burger joint in Miami, Florida. It was there where she was discovered when she was asked if she’d rather try her hand at a career that allowed her to put her beautiful body to great use. It just goes to show you where life can take you- from burger preparation to playing with an entirely different kind of meat.

Honorable Mentions for the Porn Stars to Check Out in 2015 list include Christy Mack and Brandi Love.

So there you have it! The lady hosts with the most who shake their stuff and and get things done in one of the hardest occupations out there. Congratulations, ladies!