The people that I have slept with – West Ham escorts

Having one night stands has now taken over my life, and I cannot remember the names of the people that I have slept with. The problem is that the only way that I get turned on sexually is by going out to pick up girls in bars and clubs. One of my best girlfriends says that I am addicted to the thrill of the chase, and love to show off.


My friend Sue works for West Ham escorts from and she says that I am ruining my life. When I first started to pick up girls here and everywhere, it was a bit of fun. Now all of that has changed and I am totally addicted to chasing after women. As a matter of fact, a large part of my personal income goes on chatting up girls. Buying drinks is not cheap after all, and I will always make sure that I can score with a girl. If I don’t, I really do not handle things very well.


When I have not been able to pick up a girl one night, I always end up being frustrated. I know that it has started to show up in my behavior during the day time. One of the signs is finding it hard to concentrate at work, and the other ones is that I get irritated. Sue. my friend from West Ham escorts, says that I should do something about it. She has dated a couple of guys at West Ham escorts who have been in a similar situation and they have all ended up seeing sex therapist.


I keep on talking to Sue and some of her friends at West Ham escorts about it. They all keep telling me the same thing. But I feel really bad about my sexual habits and I don’t really want to see a counsellor. In many ways I feel dirty and like I have done something wrong after I have slept with the girl. Sue says that is part of the parcel of my behavior and this is what I need to deal with. But I keep resisting that urge to visit and go to a sex therapist but deep down I know that I should try to go.


Sue and her friends at West Ham escorts are right. I really do need to get myself sorted out as I cannot live the rest of my life like this. There is no way that I can see myself living this kind lifestyle in other ten years. Then you have the risk of disease. I will admit that I do not always practice safe sex. Yes, I should be doing so but I just forget. It is a bit like I forget the names of the girls that I slept with. Really I feel terrible about all of this and I don’t know what to do. There are even days when I feel like breaking the habit by jumping in the Thames.