To love is both sacrifices and suffer from being able to have lifetime happiness.

When you love someone, you have to make efforts to show your love. Some people expressed their desire through actions rather than speaking. It is because speaking means nothing when did not do. Love is a feeling we all want to experience and have. According to many happy couples, to have a successful relationship, the keys is love and trust, without it can be dangerous. If you found the love of your life, you have to make sure that time always plays a vital role, never wait any precious time on making it possible to expressed or share your love. Do not waste any time to create happy memories, always enjoy your time you are with him/her because it is essential. You have to love the person in your heart and mind, make things that can make her/ him happy. Love gives us true happiness and makes our life better; you have to pick the right partner to be able to have a happy life. One rule of love is to be able to share everything; it is not selfish; you have to give your all.


I always wonder how those couples feel when they have a love of their life with them. I see many couples walking on the streets lovely and happy. And they look good so sweet to each other. When I was a kid, I always look forward to loving because I am a fan of every love story, it makes me crazy and wishing that someday I could find the love of my life. They say the love of your life will come after the mistake of your life; perhaps it is true since I had experienced it. Once upon a time, I grew up in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia with my family. A family that is full of love and care, a family that supports each other through ups and downs. I have been in a long-term relationship with my ex-girlfriend, I thought she is the one I marry. We have been in a relationship for eleven years, and I’m planning to marry her before I knew she is cheating on me.


It was the saddest moment of my life that I have decided to travel far in Chelmsford London, England to find and heal myself again. I met a Chelmsford Escort from that is so gorgeous inside and out. She helps me forget what I have been through and I love how she never left me during the hard times of my life. She gives me a reason to be happy again and move on. To love a Chelmsford Escorts is lifetime happiness.