The effects of Illegal labor – Whitechapel escorts

We have received a letter here at the Dating Blogs from a couple of Whitechapel escorts agencies at It is a really great letter, and we would like to bring it to the attention of all of our readers. During summer Whitechapel escorts get really busy, and most of the time there may not be enough escorts around to meet with services required. This causes a huge problem in all areas of London, including Whitechapel.
Not all escort agencies that operate in London are legitimate, and during busy times a lot of the not so good ones take the opportunity to promote their escorts services. Whitechapel escorts have heard that some agencies are planning to make a big push this summer and try to gain extra business. The problem is that some of these agencies may not adhere to safe standards when it comes to safety when enjoying the company of escorts, and Whitechapel girls would like you to be aware. It is a good idea to find an agency that has a quality web site, and a telephone number which is answered in a polite manner. These are all the trademark of a good agency with high standards.

Illegal labor can be a problem when it comes to these agencies as well. Many of the so called escorts who work for these agencies are not here in the UK legally, and may not have any knowledge of the business at all. You can quickly spot them as they will provide most of their services on an outcall basis, or you will meet them in really shabby apartments. They will often be dressed badly, and it is the Dating Blogs’ advice that you should not indulge your pleasures with these ladies.

Theft is a very serious, and last year the Dating Blogs received a lot of emails from guys who had had their wallets lifted by so called escorts. Of course, most guys do carry rather full wallets, and this was really distressing as these guys were being robbed when they were enjoying the company of their escorts. Well, many of the guys presumed that they had misplaced their wallets but they had in fact been stolen. All of these thefts occurred when guys were in the company of what we call “fake escorts” here in London. All other London, and Whitechapel girls, are always trustworthy.

If you are concerned about the agency at all, and you don’t feel comfortable at any time, please don’t arrange your date through that agency. There are many excellent elite and VIP escorts agencies here in London, and you would be better of using them. Yes, London will be very busy this summer again but please stay safe and be careful with who or what agency you arrange a date with. There are many naughty people in this world, and unfortunately we come across them in the escorts business as well. Enjoy dating in Whitechapel this summer.