None of them had a clue that I worked for a London escorts service

I met Peter when I was still working at London escorts. On our first date I was not sure that I was going to enjoy his company, but unlike other men that I met at London escorts, he kind of grew on me. As we carried on dating and seeing more of each other, it felt like we had a special chemistry. I was not actually finishing off his sentences, but doing business dating together was our forte. We simply bounced of each other and everyone seemed to have a good time in our company.

A couple of months after we had started seeing each other at London escorts from, Peter asked me if I would leave the elite London escorts agency I worked for at the time. He wanted me to come and live with him. When he first asked me, I was not too excited about it, but as time when on. I thought it started to sound more attractive. He had made it sound like a bit like a business proposal and that had not turned me. Then I realized that it was just the way he spoke. I thought that I would “counter” and make my deal sound like I wanted to draw up the terms of a serious relationship. He rather liked the sound of that, and it as clear that he was after something in between and business partner. His business colleagues all thought that I was his girlfriend, and I guess it was a position that I had put myself in.

None of them had a clue that I worked for a London escorts service, and I guess to them, I was the classical blond girlfriend. It did not bother me, and I was happy to leave London escorts. Well, at least take a break. When Peter and I had been together for a couple of months, I started to feel a little bit worried about our relationship. He was coming later and later, and always blamed it on work. I knew that his company mainly did business with Europe and most European companies closed their doors around 5 pm. That was UK time 6 pm. Sometimes when he came home he did not want anything to eat, and it was clear that he had enjoyed a drink or two. Not very much different from my time spent with him at London escorts. The London escorts grapevine works really well and I soon learned that he was dating another blonde from a rival London escorts service.

I was a bit taken back because by then I had fallen in love with him. Not being sure what to do, I started to look for a job in London. My flat was rented out for another two months and then I could go back. It was a bit like shoring up my defenses, I felt like our relationship was going south. Sure enough, Peter eventually told me that he had met someone else and that my services were no longer required. It turned out that he had another new “love business” arrangement waiting in the wings.