La Frusta e il Corpo – The Whip and the Flesh (1963)

A collection of unusual screenshots taken from:

Also Known As:

  • Der Dämon und die Jungfrau
  • A hús és a test
  • Bicz i cialo
  • Der Mörder von Schloß Menliff
  • Drácula, o Vampiro
  • El cuerpo y el látigo
  • Het gegeseld lichaam
  • Le corps et le fouet
  • Night Is the Phantom
  • Pisken og kroppen
  • Sarka kai mastigio
  • Son of Satan
  • The Body and the Whip
  • The Way and the Body
  • The Whip and the Body
  • The Whip and the Flesh
  • What / What!

Directed by:

  • Mario Bava (as John M. Old)

Written by:

  • Ernesto Gastaldi (as Julian Berry)
  • Ugo Guerra (as Robert Hugo)
  • Luciano Martino (as Martin Hardy)


  • Daliah Lavi … Nevenka Menliff
  • Christopher Lee … Kurt Menliff
  • Tony Kendall … Christian Menliff
  • Ida Galli … Katia (as Isli Oberon)
  • Harriet Medin … Giorgia (as Harriet White)
  • Gustavo De Nardo … Count Menliff (as Dean Ardow)
  • Luciano Pigozzi … Losat (as Alan Collins)
  • Jacques Herlin … Priest


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