How to attract women with your posture- west Midland escort

Many men are now working well in shaping their body to attract woman. Lots of woman now days want to find a partner that has good posture and good looking. We cannot deny that we look for someone that is so fresh in the eyes. We look for someone who has self-care and someone that will do their best to be liked. I am Alan from South Carolina and a victim of bully. And it’s hard to be in that position at all. I am so thin and most girls make fun of me. I wore glasses going to school and called the nerd one. Well I’ve been dealing that my whole life up until college. I feel like everyone don’t like me and it’s hard for me to accept it. for me being thin makes me look ugly and along the way I am suffering from bullying too. One day I couldn’t take it when someone I love in school really dumped me and shame me on public that was the hardest thing I went through. being rejected by someone you love is the most hurtful thing in the world. it made me feel like I am an alien and have no space in this world. One time I decided to change my lifestyle. Everything I used before was put into garbage. I started to become health conscious, enrolled myself to a gym and find a coach to help me in changing my life. Because of my perseverance I got a hot body now and been featured in magazines as one of the most handsome and hot guy. This time woman came to me without anything to do at all but one woman catches my attention. She’s a west Midland escort and she is so sexy. I love how she treats everyone with the same respect. I love how she makes me happy and make my life worth living at all. now I am inspired to do more work outs for west Midland escort to get her attention. I just want to have a great body and let her fall in love. I wear best suits that fit with my personality and every time I booked a west Midland escort I see into her eyes how she looks at me with feelings. I think having a good posture really gets a woman and I get my west Midland escort by that. I still continue taking care of my body and being healthy. I don’t want to be far not thin at all. I want to be a good looking guy where everyone admires me but my heart is only for west Midland escort. I don’t have to work so hard for girls now; to me self-care is important to every person because when you love your body, someone will love you. If you want to be loved, I suggest loving yourself first because a good posture gives you a love life.