How I got into escorting in London

When I first arrived in London, I was not sure what I wanted to do. I had saved up some money to live on for the first couple of months, as I realised it was not going to be easy for me in London. But, I did not really have a choice. There are precious few jobs in the Welsh village I used to live in, and the only option was to move on.

I did not have any plans at the time to join a charlotte action escorts in London service. Let me just put it this way, eventually I found my way to London escorts.I know that I am a lucky girl, and I sort of have natural looks on my side of the family. Also, I am rather pushy and I started to walk around London looking for a job. Within a couple of days of arriving, I did manage to find a job in a posh private club. Back home in Wales, I had worked in a pub, and that helped me a lot. It certainly not as glamorous as working for London escorts, but it worked at the time.

If you like, it was the beginning of the road which eventually led to London escorts.After about a month of working behind the bar, the owner of the club asked me if I wanted to become a hostess. It sounded like I was mainly going to be a glorified waitresses running drinks to the men who sat at the tables in the club, but this is where I got a really good grounding for London escorts. I had never been very much of a flirt but when I started to host tables, I soon learned to flirt.

The men at the club loved to flirt and so do many men at London escorts. Working as a hostess was not a million miles away from for a London escorts service. You end up being something between a waitress and a sexy companion. I even got to know some of the men rather well and they often asked me out on dates on my nights off.

It was not long before I had a diary full of useful names and contact details which came in handy when I left the club to work for London escorts.The guy who owns the London escorts service that I work for now was a regular at the club. One night we started to chat and he asked me how I felt about escorting. I did not know a lot about escorting at the time, but the way he explained it sounded okay, and it was not long before I tried it part time. Am I happy that I did so? I guess that I am on a way, and so far, it seems to be working out for me.

Finding a job and starting a career in London is easier than you think, but you have to be prepared to be flexible. Maybe escorting is not for you, but it is certainly working out for me.