Reality stars private porn movies

I am not a great follower of reality TV but some of my London escorts friends watch it. It is not really for me and I often feel that I don’t have the time for silly reality TV shows. I have a lot more important things to do and I think that TV can be slightly addictive. At the moment I am going though this period where I seem to be reading a lot of books. I tell my London escorts friends that I am into expanding my mind which of course makes them laugh. As a matter of fact, I have taken a leaf out of my very intellectual husband’s book – I have become a reader.

However. some recent news made my little ears prick up. Reality stars turning into porn stars was a bit of surprise even for me. There is little wonder that people are turning away from porn and why London escorts don’t making porn movies. It comes as a bit of surprise but anybody seems to me into anything for a buck these days. The question is what kind of porn movies are these so called reality TV stars making. Most London escorts that I have spoken to say that they are shockingly bad. That doesn’t surprise me at all.

Should reality TV stars turn themselves into porn stars?

The porn industry is already in dire straits and most London escorts seem to think that we do need any more hassle. One thing is for sure, the reality TV stars which I have seen do not seem to quite have the right assets to become proper porn stars like London escorts. Is this harming the UK and international porn industry even more? Yes, I think so and I think that we need to be careful in which way we treat these movies.

I decided to look into things a little bit further and discovered to my surprise that most of these so called reality stars are just posting their videos on line. It seems a bit strange but I think that escorts in London are right – these people are just trying to make a name for themselves. It is not about the porn or sex in the movies at all. Some people are willing to go to any length or extreme to earn money, and this is a typical example of this say my London escorts friends.

Once again we seem to be having the same old discussion. Who should be making porn movies? Unlicensed porn movies are a big problem as it is and these self publicists are just making things worse. They try to to their hand to anything. If they are not making porn movies they are on the Internet selling various products. The problem is that most of them don’t have any experience of porn or the beauty products they are trying to sell. In the end, it all becomes a bit of a farce and you wonder how long it can go on. One thing is for sure, many companies who associate themselves with reality stars end up giving themselves a bad name.